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Feb 23, 2013

Right now, Christians are in the season which they call Lent, and some of them are celebrating it by having a miserable time.  And most of us who have been through Lent as a Christian know why.  So many of them make it into a very negative time.  Many of us remember as children being told that we had to give up something for Lent - and I remember being tld that giving up broccoli was not what gthe grown-ups had in mind.  And basically, it was a time of self-punishment.

It was not supposed to be, even though penance was intended to be part of it - just not the emphasis.

There are several times of year for us which amount to a Lent.  Sort of a mini-Lent.  Can we get the point of what Lent is supposed to do, use it in our calendar in the right way, and gain something positive from it?  Yes, we can!

Blessed Be!