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Feb 26, 2011

The first of the Four Corners gave you responsibility, and the second of the Four Corners gives you the authority that comes with the responsibility.  The first corner was the concept that any relationship with The Divine is mutual, and that gives you more personal responsibility than some folks are willing to accept.  The second corner, "Yes, it can be made to happen" implies a level of personal authority that is equal to the increased level of personal responsibility.  That makes some people nervous.  It isn't just that they don't want you to make use of that level of authority, the fact is that they don't want you to know that you have it!

Look at what you were told when you were young - and when you were no longer young.  There was the Sunday school teacher who told you that it was wrong to pray for something for yourself.  And then there are the trend-following clergy who speak about what their version of The Divine can not do.  Among Wiccans and Pagans, there is the occasional "fluff-bunny" who won't do any harm even if would stop a crime or save a life.  And among Christians, there's the "Big Three": god's will, god's time, and god's higher plan.  And then, regardless of religion, creed, or pantheon, we all endure the ones who make the extra rules for us - like the one who claims that the ritual is invalid if a wind blows out an altar candle.  And if you were to listen to all of them, you won't do anything spiritual.  So, what's the answer?

There is indeed a way.  Not only can it happen, but it might even be able to be better than what you originally had in mind.  It's in how you approach it, and one basic principle.  And that one basic principle is not only logical, but it allows even more doors to open for you.  You'll see what I mean!

Blessed Be!