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Feb 12, 2011

You may recall that last time when I spoke of the "Four Corners Of A Spiritual Revolution," the very first of the four corners was the basic fact that any relationship with The Divine is mutual.

This is a powerful concept, so powerful that some folks are afraid of it.  In my years of pursuing truth about The Divine, I've come across many people who wanted to manipulate my spiritual life.  And while some of them would worry about which television programs I watched and many of them were afraid of what I might read, they would sweat blood over what - or how - I might be praying!

Worse yet, for those people who want to mind your spiritual business for you, there is nothing here that involves taking attendance, passing a plate, or reporting to someone!  We're talking here about something that is at least as personal as your toothbrush.

Of course, if you want to function at this level of spirituality, then you have more individual responsibility than someone who is content to sit in a pew being spoon-fed.  And there are those who will talk about having a personal relationship with <whatever name(s) they use for The Divine> out of one side of their mouth - and use the other side of their mouth to try get everyone to march in lock-step with them!  But there is something more, much more, and we're here to explore that.

And it begins with the fact that any relationship with The Divine is mutual!

Blessed Be!