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An opportunity to explore the spiritual in a manner that all may come together and share.


Feb 5, 2011

Something's going to give, and it's going to.  For me, it began the day I realized that there never would be a place for me in The Episcopal Church, especially given what they had become.  And the funny thing is that if they had given me what I had wanted when I had asked for it, then I would have probably been obediently under their thumb these many years - instead of learning and telling about some things that might make some vested interests among organized religion rather uncomfortable!

How many people do you know who:

  1. Don't bother with the spiritual, or use the secular side of organized religion for their own purposes?
  2. Have seen the religious path they once knew go off into some strange direction, to the point that they can't see it as their path anymore?
  3. Have found that the religious path they used to follow is no longer able to deal with life as they have to deal with it?

I see four basic concepts which I call "Four Corners Of A Spiritual Revolution".  I offer them as the basis of a loving, gentle revolution which few people would dare resist.  In fact, most of the resistance would come from vested interests afraid of losing money or secular power.  

I'll outline them here, and then we can explore them separately and together.  And it's the basis of something wonderful waiting for us!

Blessed Be!