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Feb 13, 2010

Friends in the very highest places - you have them, and probably plenty of them.

Every spiritual path has them, and there are many terms used to describe them.  My favorite is the pair of terms "Celestial Masters" and Ascended Masters".  The difference is that we know for sure that Ascended Masters were once people just like the rest of us.  Celestial Masters might not have ever been our kind of human.

Every tradition has them under one label or another, or maybe even a combination of labels.  If you look at the Christian saints, for instance, you will find some who "just happen to match" with Pagan gods and goddesses - they were "adopted" by the Christians.

And, it seems apparent that they care about us. 

Also, some of them have reason to share interests and concern with us, especially Ascended Masters who had a concern during the time when they were on the same plane as you and I are now.

All this leads to some great possibilities - and some great opportunities for spiritual exploration.

Please note that they don't have to be on someone else's list to be on your list, any more than someone else would need to choose which deities you work with.  In both cases, that's your business!

And you just might discover some interesting "folks" waiting to help you.

Blessed Be!