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Feb 23, 2008

I keep hearing about change all the time, beginning with at the commuter station where I take the train home from work - there's always someone there asking for "change."  But in the US, this is a presidential election year, and this time especially we're hearing candidates talking about "change".

It's not that it's particularly political.  In many of the mainstream churches, there's so much change back and forth that those who are long-time members might not recognize what they one thought was their church.  And in business and in the military service, I saw several instances of change for change's sake , especially if one of the bigger bosses was replaced.

Let's  make one thing clear: there are many situations in which nobody in their right mind is going to like the status quo.  But, there are some things that need to be done if change is going to have any quality. 

Is there a goal?  Is there a plan?  Do we know that we're actually on the path we think we're on?  Are we going to make enemies as a result?  Have we thought of everyone involved?

Words can sound really pretty and they can be very inspiring, but credible specifics to show how something can be accomplished - where are they?

Consider this a timely exercise in practical theology.

Blessed Be!