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Feb 27, 2010

A while back, I spoke of your devotional life, and how that provided you with a compass for staying on course.  So, what else do you need?

In my younger days, I learned how to handle a fairly large boat, and I attended US Power Squadron courses with my parents.  I learned how to navigate a boat on a river.  Later, I learned to fly an airplane, and that included the basics of how to navigate an airplane.  And then, in the Air Force, I learned how to find my way on land, including if I was in a place where someone might dispute my right to be there.  I used a compass in all three cases, but I also used a map.

And so, what is our map for our spiritual journey?  It's something we know, and it's something we need to get to know.  And it does not limit itself to spiritual matters, either.  It applies in other forms of endeavor, perhaps especially the business world.  

You can tell the people who don't have a map - they wander around like they don't know where they're going - but they probably will claim that they know.  In the business world and in the supposedly-organized world of more esstablished faiths, it can sometimes be obvious to anyone who knows what to look for.  In spiritual matters, it might not be as immediately evident - but it is there to be seen.

And so, what is this map, and how can we use it?

It's more than a map.  It functions as the base camp for your spiritual expeditions, too!

Blessed Be!