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Feb 28, 2009

We've spoken much about what gives you power, and how to avoid that which costs you energy.  And so, now is a good time to step back for a while and take a good look at how to construct a ritual.  In any endeavor, it's worthwhile to occasionally take a step back and remember the basics.  Then again, we're talking about a form of endeavor in which the advanced stuff is nothing more than application of the basics anyway.  It's much the same as in mathematics - all of the fancy stuff is nothing more than sequences of the basic operations.

And so we come here, to see what it takes to put a ritual together.

And please understand, it does not have to be a fancy ritual at a permanent altar.  You'll also have plenty of opportunity to do them when you don't have set-aside facilities.  In fact, there might be occasions in which you might need to do one in which nobody around you knows that you're doing a ritual.

And the most important mortal in your ritual is, of course, you.  Don't worry, Mrs Broadbeam, Sister Sweathog and Pastor Platepass who tried messing with your spirituality before are no longer around to bother you, so don't worry about them.

And, armed with the right basics, there is no telling just how much you might be able to accomplish.  Do not be surprised if you surprise yourself!

Blessed Be!

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