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Feb 7, 2009

There is a time for critical self-examination.  The trick is, once again, to maintain balance.  Don't be so over-critical of yourself that you judge yourself to be beyond redemption, but also don't make excuses for yourself, either.  There can be a danger here of a downward spiral similar to that experienced by some folks who experience bullying or a smear campaign. 

One prime example of this is the issue of prejudice.  Prejudice begins with a dichotomy, two facts in opposition to each other.

  1. At the root of every prejudice, you can expect to find a lie.
  2. Anyone who claims to be without prejudice at all is lying.
Everyone has prejudices.  There are more causes of prejudice than I've got time or disk space to list.  But the chief causes include what you learn from parents, friends, classmates, and your own experience. 

Look at the word "prejudice".  "Pre" means "before".  "Judice" means "judgment".  So, it's judgment in advance.  Jumping to a conclusion before the facts are all in.  And we all do it.

And so, let's look at it.  And let's see what we can do about it.  And if it's unavoidable, can we make some use of it?

And that's one of the secrets in plain sight!

Blessed Be!

A Special Proposal And Invitation

I would like to propose that we set aside February 20th as Tempest Smith Day.

On February 20, 2001, Tempest Smith died by her own hand.  She was twelve years old.  She died because she could not take any more of the daily religious harassment, bullying and torment from her classmates because she chose to follow the Wiccan path.

It is customary in some traditions, notably Christian, to honor a saint or a martyr by setting aside the day of their passing as the day to commemorate.  Since her tormentors thought that they were serving Jesus, I believe it would be especially appropriate in this case.

As for what to do on Tempest Smith Day, simply take a little time to offer energies and prayers for her and so that this will never happen again.