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Jan 7, 2012

We've been celebrating a number of celebrations lately that concern new beginnings.  There was Samhain which was a death but a promise of a new birth.  There was Yule as well as the Christians' Christmas which spoke of a birth and a beginning, and of course there's the mundane New Year's Day. 

And, we've been talking about new beginnings, particularly in the form of resolutions and how to handle them.  But how about taking it a couple of steps further.  Just about every one of us has been living with a vision within ourselves, something that we would really, really like to do.  And sometimes that vision can be really nagging - the vision of priesthood made a pest of itself until it happened, and now there's a vision of what to do with that priesthood.

And almost every one of us has some sort of a vision.  So, why cause it to become part of your reality?  No kidding, let's see what we can do to make it so!

Like anything else in magick, there are certain "things" which will be needed, but those you can get.  Then, there are some other "things" we can do without.  We'll get into a little detail on that.

But finally, there's seeing the vision take form and come to be.  This isn't time for excuses, it's time for doing.  But that's fine - there's going to be a wonderful result.  You'll see!

Blessed Be!