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Jan 12, 2008

If you deal with anything spiritual, some topics are dangerous.

More correctly, some people will see certain topics as dangerous.  Whether they actually are dangerous is for you to decide, but some people will indeed see certain topics as dangerous.

And, their actions when confronted with a dangerous topic are predictable.  They might ignore it.  They might use it for their own agenda.  They might cook up their own theory and hope you'll believe it.  Or, they might stir up a big fuss, even if it's really over nothing.

Most often, they see the questions as dangerous because they cause folks like me (and you?) to ask questions that do not have easy answers.

You may have already figured out that it is in confronting those dangerous questions that you find the real answers.  One thing should be apparent to you: the questions will not go away.

I spend a lot of time dealing with what many consider to be dangerous topics.  And so, before we get even further into dangerous topics, let's take the time to examine the topic of dangerous topics.