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Jan 17, 2009

Now, we begin to walk forward.

In the last few months, if there has been any kind of recurring theme in my podcasts it would be that of putting any obstacles out of the way. 

So then, you ask, what now?

Now, you begin to move forward toward your spiritual goal.  It's your turn now.

There are stories about others, but this is your turn.  Who is to say that what worked for someone else is going to work equally well for you?  But, we can learn from the stories.

First, of course, we need to separate the spiritually successful from the successfully sanctimonious, at least for purposes of this exercise. 

Some of the successfully spiritual were very simple people.  Not much education, not much money, and in some cases considered to be not terribly smart. 

But others who were successfully spiritual (and spiritually successful) had very powerful intellects and knew how to use it.  So, what would they have in common with the simpler folk?

I offer an illustration which, I believe, brings out the point.

And with that, a journey begins.

Blessed Be!