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Jan 1, 2010

You may think of super-heroes as being a part of modern popular literature.  Actually, they have been a part of literature since before literature.  They date back to the days of the ancient storytellers of the oral tradition.

And, they have a great deal in common with each other.  They also have much in common with the divine characters you will encounter in ancient religious texts, whether you're talking about the Bible, the Havamal, or any of a number of other texts and groups of texts.

And this gives us strength to deal with the (usually) verbal slings and arrows of those who doubt what we know, whether they be atheists, agnostics, or the believers in the "my church is the only way" variety of faith.

The very existence of these apparently fictional characters allows us to see what really is there.  Add to that the fact that nature does indeed abhor a vacuum, and you have just possibly the closest thing to proof you'll get that The Divine is alive, well, and at work in our lives.

And this is something that can be very exciting to explore!

Blessed Be!