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Jan 5, 2008

Spiritual first aid?  Of course!  A couple of basic facts need to be acknowledged and dealt with as reality.   

I see it, nobody forges new ground spiritually and gets away with it.  There will always be attackers and detractors for those who try "something different", even (or especially) if it is actually re-discovering something that everyone else forgot.

And, lest we forget, the easiest way to get some people to hate you is for you to do something well. 

Of course, there is also the fact that there are so many of us who came upon our spiritual path as a result of trauma suffered on another spiritual path.

And so, there is need for spiritual first aid.

As a cadet, I experienced an Army training film on basic first aid in combat situations.  The film is indelibly etched in my mind, particularly the three steps in immediate wound care: Stop The Bleeding, Protect The Wound, Treat For Shock.  After all these years, those words echo in my memory along with other bits of wisdom from the film, such as: "Use his first aid kit - you may need yours later."

And there are some basic steps in spiritual first aid.

We do need to know about spiritual first aid.  There is one difference between spiritual first aid and the kind of first aid you learn in a Red Cross class.  For spiritual first aid, the most important first aid you give is the first aid you give to yourself.  And there's a reason for that.

The most important person in bringing about your healing is you.



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