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Jul 19, 2014

Some of you are considering becoming a priest, priestess, or whatever your spiritual path calls its clergy. Some of you already are, and more. Actually, I see each of you already being your own priest or priestess for your own needs. But there will always be a need for clergy who, among other things, help others.

It would be simple enough to talk about lengths of time and types of training and experience to become clergy, but there are a couple of problems there. One problem is that the ordination processes vary from one body or tradition to another. The other problem concerns what you'll need through your training and after your training so long as you are active clergy. Some of them are so basic that your teacher might assume that you have them, but they are so important that I cannot avoid them.

Regardless of path, tradition or denomination, from Anabaptist to Zoroastrian, I've seen most successes and failures based on the issues I list here.

Blessed Be!