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Jul 30, 2011

It's Lammas!

Whether you call it Lammas, Lughnassadh, Loaf-mass, or any other of the names that it is known by in various paths, this is the first of the harvest feasts.  It is especially the celebration of the harvest of grains, which makes bread and the like such an appropriate food for this celebration.

It is also the first tangible fulfillment of the promises made since last Samhain.  Remember, every sabbat has remnants of every other Sabbat.  And just as when the god died at Samhain we were promised the birth at Yule, so we were promised harvests at the time of planting.

And that's what so many of us seek and welcome.  There's no talk about "God's will" here.  We do our part, the Divine do their part, and we celebrate the resulting harvest.

And so, then, here is a celebration at Temple of Gaia.

Come and join us, as we appreciate the harvest.  This is one that even the city folk can enjoy!

Blessed Be!