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Jul 5, 2014

I've sometimes said that I've found that people whose faith is really solid have no problem with people of other faiths. Why? Let me tell you of an old friend of mine. More years ago than I want to admit, he and I were the most misfit of misfits at that elementary school. We became friends partly because nobody else wanted to play with or be friends with either of us. Some years later, I find that his job makes some that didn't want him on their softball team want him to give them a job interview. The problem was that as children, they did not have access to the full set of facts of who he was and what he would be able to do!

Of course, eventually truth reveals itself. Sometimes it is revealed soon enough that we can put this knowledge to use. An example is when we discover that babies do not come from a stork or cabbage leaf. In other cases, such as questions about The Divine, including gods and pantheons, we spend our whole lives being told what someone else was told with little chance to actually experience The Divine. So, what to do?

Blessed Be!