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Jul 9, 2011

In various religious circles, there is often talk of healing.  And, the very word "healing" brings on various connotations, depending on your own spiritual path and your own experience.  On one hand, there is the "mechanical" approach of the secular physician, and at the other extreme are the (often loud) revival-style prayers of faith-healers or the refusal of some groups to do anything for the sick or injured except to pray.  And there is a lot in between.  

If you're here, you probably have some understanding of the spiritual aspect of healing - and how healing can sometimes be done solely through spiritual means.  In fact, sometimes it has been known to work when secular medicine has given up.  I've seen it happen.

Like with anything having to do with magick or the spiritual, if we are going to try and heal someone, it would be a good idea to have it be as effective as possible.  And fortunately, there are ways of having insuring maximum effectiveness.  

It's much like anything else we do in regards to the spiritual, but there are some factors which deserve special emphasis.  And some considerations might give you a bit more leeway.  As an example, it might be unrealistic to wait for an unconscious person's consent, and there are reasons why you might have this flexibility which might not apply in another situation.

But yes, it can be done.  And why not?

Blessed Be!