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Jul 10, 2010

There are some friends who are especially special, especially the ones with four legs. 

I have a son and a daughter who I wish would at least write more often now that they are on their own, but Lady Stormy and I have six other "kids" who never let us down.  In fact, we seem to be the focus of their day.  Two are dogs, four are cats, and each one was either rescued or is descended from someone whose rescue we know about.

Each one has his or her own story, and it is well worth telling.  But I promise I won't make you hear all of them

And some of them are stories of what isn't supposed to happen.  There are folks who claim that a "street cat" can't be made into a house pet.  Well, we have a guy named Thor who can prove that to be a misconception.

And, they're both smart and appreciative.  Friends have told us that they are simply too human.

And the relationship we have with them is so rewarding.  If you wonder what "familiars" actually do, this is it!  I would say that Thor knows me better than any priest, doctor or even perhaps Lady Stormy!

And it does have some great magickal implications. 

If you're going to have a pet, then perhaps you can be someone's miracle!

Blessed Be!


Blesssed Be