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Jul 11, 2009

And here, I offer a salute to some of the dearest friends I've ever had.   I'm talking about my four-footed friends.  And yes, there are those who do not have four feet who would fit in this category, but my experience has been with the ones who do in fact have four feet.

Give them broad enough horizons, and I am not sure just how much they might be able to do.  But I do see their level of understanding.  At any rate, the level of understanding in the ones which Lady Stormy and I have as our "kids".  They not only have names and personalities, they have tastes. 

It is also amazing the respect which they show to things spiritual.  And to our altar.

Having them around definitely has its rewards, even if there is the fact that we know that they are not immortal and their lives are shorter than ours.  And the rescued ones seem especially special.  All of ours are either rescued or descended from someone who was rescued.  The gratitude can be said to extend to their childrens' children because Apollo is the grandson of a cat Lady Stormy rescued many years ago.

Whether they bark, meow, or something else, here is a special moment for our four-footed friends, familiars, and fellow travelers on this road.

Blessed Be!

PS:  The "news and comment spot" will tell you of where you can see just how much power this new media can have - check it out!

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