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Jul 12, 2008

With this episode, we'll take the previous one to one of its logical "next steps."  I'll also use it to give an answer to one of the questions which every Pagan or Wiccan podcaster has already addressed at least twice, and which every teacher of The Craft probably addresses weekly.  That question is the perpetual one: "Why are there so many primers and so few advanced books?"

A major part of the answer to the question lies in the very nature of our path.  What is the main difference between your Book Of Shadows and either the Maryknoll Missal or the Book Of Common Prayer?  What would your most powerful book begin with - or as?  And where is the pen that can write the most powerful book you can ever have?

But it doesn't end there.  Let's never forget balance.  There needs to be balance.  In the same manner as I enjoy pizza but know better than to have pizza for three meals a day, there needs to be balance in peoples' spiritual lives, too!

And so, let's examine how to step beyond the bookshelf.

Blessed Be!