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Jul 28, 2007

The Line.

I've talked about The Line before: sometimes you must not cross it, sometimes you may cross it, and sometimes it moves.  Let's talk about it in terms of what I call Real Theology.  Some people think of Theology as discussing ancient texts or the color of some saint's toga, nitpicking how to conduct a ritual, etc.  Real Theology consists of taking all of that (and more) and applying it in daily life.

And so, let's take a couple of items in the news recently and see how that applies to you and me.  In both of the cases I'm going to specifically mention, you just might find something to invest emotionally in both cases.  The question is: What do you do?

The "Monday morning quarterbacks" have an easy job, as do the people who don't "connect" emotionally and those who want to talk all in theory.  They're not there in the situation having to make the real decision.  You and I are in the situation of having to make the real decision.

An ancient Hebrew admonition to judges described "The sword of God at your head, lest you set the guilty free; and the fires of hell at your feet, lest you punish the innocent."  And there is where our puzzle begins.

I promised you "Spiritual calisthenics for those who are willing to think."  Welcome to part of my workout.