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Jul 31, 2010

Can anything be as frustrating as feeling a strong call to do something, and not being allowed to do it?

One particular priest who I admired back when I was an Episcopalian had the habit of delivering some hard-hitting sermons.  They didn't seem to hit hard at first, but when he was done, you felt like he had really gotten up close and personal.  When I asked him about that, his answer was that he was preaching to himself.  I want to mention that up-front because this episode is sort of like that.  And it touches on my frustrations in answering my call to the priesthood.

But please understand, it is not about my frustrations or what anyone made me endure.  What I'm actually talking about is something bigger than that, and something that could easily be happening to you.

I recall being once told that if The Divine closes a door, another door or a window is opened.  And I considered that saying to be yet another prime example of Pollyanna-style hogwash.  That is, until recently when I looked back and came to the realization that a window or another door opening when the door I was looking at got slammed in my face is exactly what happened, on more than one occasion, and the result of those opened doors and windows is a priesthood and ministry far better than what I had asked for!  If I had gotten what I had first asked for, I would have been bound under obediance and probably in a bunch of trouble, given their current controversies.  Meanwhile, I get to speak my mind and minister to more people, including some whom many of those other folks choose to ignore!

The whole object of this episode is not my journey, though.  The object is your journey, and if you can see the other doors opening.  You might be surprised!

Blessed Be!