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Jul 4, 2009

Perhaps the most under-rated and under-appreciated of spiritual practices is the mantra.

The matter gets complicated by the number of people who think they don't use mantras when they actually are, and the number of other folks who think that they are using a mantra when they actually are not!

The mantra is probably one of the most ancient forms of spiritual expression.  It is also potentially the most powerful.

So, let us explore what makes a mantra powerful.  And let's see how you might be able to make some good use out of mantras.

It isn't quick, so don't think that overnight you'll master something which others work with for years.  But you'll make a beginning and make progress. 

Some things about mantras you'll know from your own experience, and others you'll discover along the way.  Perhaps the most important discovery along the way is what works for you.

Blessed Be!

Aidan Odinson
over fourteen years ago

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over fourteen years ago

Howdy Aidan,

I keep getting an internal server error when attempting to listen to or download this particular podcast. I\'m not sure if anyone else is getting this error, so I figured I\'d post a comment. I\'m eager to listen to this one as I\'ve been exploring mantras of different languages and religions recently. Thanks!