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Jul 7, 2007

Today, people in countries such as Cuba, China, and Saudi Arabia will meet together in small groups in places where they hope they won't be disturbed by either the officialdom or nosey neighbors.  It doesn't matter what their spiritual path might be, what's important is that their spiritual path is so disapproved by their government that they have to take what they do underground.  And they meet to do a ritual.

There was a period of many years when Christians took their faith underground.  In those days, their churches didn't have youth groups, ladies clubs, or picnics.  They came together to say Mass, which remains the core ritual of much of Christianity today.

In between then and a few years ago, our own spiritual predecessors met in secret - and that was if they met at all.  And when they met, the did a ritual.

Does this offer a clue as to what is at the core of who we are and what we do?  And if it nurtured us through the times when we merely wanted to survive, how much more can it do for us now that we've come out into the open?

You never know what power we might already have!