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Jun 20, 2015

Seekers' Temple is leaving Beebe, Arkansas. They have a new place, located elsewhere. While they had originally chosen Beebe because of it being so central to their members, Seekers' temple was not just a mission or a "church plant". It included a family who looked forward to calling Beebe their home. 

 Unfortunately, all welcomes stopped when the people of Beebe discovered that Seekers' Temple was not Christian! Then began the harassment and bullying including dubious legal actions, vandalism of lawn statues, bright lights shining into windows at night, and much more. Simply put, they became victims of a hate campaign, all because they were a church which was not Christian!

 It does not take much research effort to see how wasteful hate always is! Nations have fallen because of hate, after all! I refuse to be like a stereotypical street-corner preacher and claim that some plague, drought or invading army was coming their way. Their fate is, in some ways, even worse.

Blessed Be!