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Jun 28, 2014

The title addresses one group, but the message is actually for all groups of all faiths, and any groups of no faith.

Seekers Temple is a wonderful group of people, headed by a HP and HPS who are some of the most conventional, normal folks you'll find. As their temple grew, they felt the need to move their church to a location more central to the people who are attending, and Beebe, Arkansas seemed ideal. And, they were welcomed and helped in setting up, until it was discovered that the town's newest church was not a Christian church.

And so, a circus begins with town officials trying to pretend that they're working with Seekers Temple (shades of the VA Pentacle quest), but not really. A bunch of requirements to spend money to be eligible to apply for something that might not be approved, which might mean improvements for the next group of Pentecostals! 

Now, we all know that in the United States, there is the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights (First Amendment), and a number of civil rights laws that are supposed to apply in Arkansas the same way they apply in New York, Oregon, or anywhere else the US flag flies. But somehow, it isn't working that way right now.

But wait! There's more! The people of Beebe who are causing all of this problem claim to be Christians, but have they read what their Bible says about that? Jesus healed the servant of a Roman centurion (doubtless a Mithraist) and spent time among Samaritans. If he was willing to sleepover in Samaria, what would a few Pagans be to him? And what did Jesus say that might apply to people who stand in the way of other faiths?

Blessed Be!