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Jun 4, 2016

One of the greatest spiritual experiences of my life was a gathering called Witchstock 97, put on by the Serpentstone Family.  The absolute high point of that gathering was the main ritual.  As I entered, I was smudged and I stated that I was entering in perfect love and perfect trust.  And in the years since then, I have been grasping just how much that meant.

Perfect love and perfect trust are not two separate things, but two expressions of one.  After all, love cannot grow beyond a superficial level without trust.  And once that fact settles in on us, we notice that love is the natural state for all sentient beings, human or animal.  

Whether we are talking about Odin hanging from the World Tree, the Shinto goddess installing her grandson Jimmu as the first emperor and custodian of Japan, or any other lore, we can see how much our deities do for all of us.  And if we can get the point in our own lives and our dealings with each other, there is no limit to what can be!  

Blessed Be!