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Jun 12, 2010

Books just might be second only to your own experience in their sheer power potential in forming your spiritual path.  Is it any wonder that historically, some people have feared books more than anything else you can imagine.

From the Christian zealots in Alexandria who destroyed the famous library, to Hitler's followers with their book-burning rallys, to more recent times when people tried to burn Harry Potter books, it's obvious that some folks are simply afraid what books can do.

And what can a book do for you?  Quite a lot!

Of course, there are books and there are books.  Some I don't bother with, unless to learn how to recognize junk when I see it.  Others are more important.  Some will teach me something knew every time I read it.  In some caes, I have to dig.

Do you wish you could meet someone, but the person died centuries ago?  Would you like to visit a place which might not be reachable by conventional means?  Do you want to experience an ordeal without having to endure it?  Books can do all for you, and more.

Some of my favorites are the ones which force me to dig even deeper, looking for secrets, such as how another translation might read.

And with them, you can do all that - and more!

Blessed Be!