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Jun 23, 2007

Yes, there was a time when I decided to quit praying. 

After becoming a Wiccan, I still didn't pray.  As a Wiccan Priest and for my first few years as a Wiccan High Priest, I did not pray.  There were many, many of other things that I was doing in relation to the various deities in my life.  I would give energy for or about something or someone, I would do rituals, and I would address Gods and Goddesses directly.  But I wasn't praying.

So what was I doing then?  I came to the realization that I was doing the same thing, but without the label.  When I was a Christian, I had issues with what seemed busywork while I was supposed to sit on my you-know-what and wait for their God to get off of His You-Know-What, and that was assuming that I was praying about something that I was supposed to pray about, and that also assumed that what I was asking for was in accordance with His Will.  See why I quit?  See why I did so much by getting rid of the label and its associated "baggage" for a while?

There are some things that do indeed get in the way.  Here's my list of the worst of them, and how to get past them.



On schedule for next week:  Maybe I can stir something.  And it will be appropriate for the coming holiday.