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Jun 28, 2008

Just like we did a few Sabbats ago with Yule, let's do a retrospective on Litha.

As Wiccans, we have a special advantage with our Sabbats.  Our Sabbats are in a cycle, with each Sabbat having an influence on each other Sabbat.  And the end result is that there really is no such thing as a Sabbat being "over" in the same manner as Christmas is "over" on December 26th.

Sometimes in the mundane and Christian calendars, a holiday being "over" can really be felt.   It's not that way with a Sabbat.

And at Litha, we can ask some of the same questions we can ask about life itself: where am I, where have I come from, and where am I going?  Then again, the cycle of the year does mimic the cycle of life, doesn't it?

And what can we see? 

Our ancestors, most of whom had a closer relationship with the land than we get to have, looked back at the planting and nurturing, and saw at this time the crops and herds growing in the fields and pastures.  They knew what they wanted to have when the olast harvest was over at Samhain.  And from Litha they could look at what has been done and guage what needed to be done in order to arrive at Samhain with what they wanted to arrive with.

Let's look, and see how everything weaves together.

Blessed Be!