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Mar 10, 2012

This episode will surprise some of you.  And others of you were wondering when it was coming!  And I felt that it was time to say something on this issue.

Some folks will say that I threw down a gauntlet tonight.  And so mote it be!

Please don't call me Christian!  Besides the fact that I am a Wiccan and proud to be one, there is also the basic fact that I have no desire to be confused with the current crop of folks who claim to be Christians, especially those whose political campaign rhetoric includes purporting to be Christian.

I have no quarrel whatever with Yeshua Bar-Joseph.  He, in essence, taught what we teach and he showed more respect for other faiths than many of his contemporaries.  In Matthew 8:7-9, there's even a record of a very respectful meeting with someone who, if you believe history, just about had to have been a Mithraist!  My issue is the people over the centuries who have claimed to be following him but who don't appear to understand what he actually taught!

To begin with, and here's something that some politicians don't want to hear, John 18:36 documents him as being an advocate of the separation of church and state!  And if he were not, he says what could have - and would have - happened on that original Good Friday!

There also seems to be a hint of the distinction between following The Divine and following someone standing in for The Divine. (hit: he didn't give Peter the sheep!)

Add to that some years of experiencing a Sunday soap opera equal to anything on TV and some political maneuvering beyond anything that the Democrats or Republican ever brewed up, and you've got a guy who started asking more questions than they were comfortable with.

So much can be said, and only one episode!

And, we're moving to new equipment next week!

Blessed Be!