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Mar 12, 2011

In the last few, we looked at the corners which gave you (1) Personal Responsibility (2) Authority and (3) Access.  This time, let's look at what brings your power to bear as you intend it to.

Having a focus on what we share rather than on what divides us is but one kind of focus we need, but it can be said that it is also among the first we need.  Focusing on division, after all, only helps create more division.  And worse yet, it diverts energy from the real purpose, whatever that real purpose happens to be.  And this has parallels all over the place in our daily lives.  Why are some older folks nostalgic for the days of Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Kennedy?  Becuase there was such a feeling of everyone being together and making things work!

And, although I risk stating the obvious to many of you, the fact is that those who would like to sabotage your spiritual life will often do so by trying to disturb your focus.  They might interrupt your rituals, they might nitpick on technicalities, they might over-emphasize someone's shortcomings, or they might do some gossip.  Messing with your focus is an especially favorite tactic of enemies who pretend to be friends.

Did you ever notice that the spiritual traditions which place an emphasis on how much The Divine can do in an active role in your life are also the ones who have various tools and methods to help you get focused and stay focused - like statues, pictures, shrines, various forms of prayer beads, meditation techniques, chanting and/or singing, etc?

And so, let's look at this.  There's something here which, if used wisely, is part of the stuff that miracles are made of!

Blessed Be!