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Mar 19, 2011

Ostara is the 21st, so this is the time to celebrate it here!

I keep talking about fulfillment, and Ostara is the embodiment of fulfillment.  In terms of the Jewish traditionj, it could be said that the baby born at Yule had a Briss at Ostara and now is having his Bar Mitzvah!  Winter's hold is broken, and the world is returning to life!

Even the Christian celebration of Easter parallels this, as they celebrate someone dying (and dying a terrible death), and returning to life.  And since it happened at Passover, it is at the same time of year.  And some could call it the ultimate act of magick.  

One of their theologians says that it does not contradict science, but goes beyond science.  And that's something basic at the heart of all magick - going beyond science.  It belongs to every spiritual path which believes in The Divine (of any name or names) being able to do things for us in this life.  And it works!

An so we have here a major celebration, and reason to celebrate.

And we also pray for the people in Japan, that they soon can celebrate and not live in fear.

Blessed Be!