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Answers to questions you may have been afraid to ask!

An opportunity to explore the spiritual in a manner that all may come together and share.


Mar 28, 2015

Did you ever find yourself in a situation in which a couple of people were talking in what they thought was plain language, but to you it was beyond understanding? It happened the other day at the tax advisor's office! And if it happens in "technical" subjects, what is it like in dealing with spirituality, theology, or religion?

In some ways, it helps. Some things don't need explanation when they can be presumed to be mutually understood. Of course, it also helps in defending against phonies and wanna-be's as well, since people who claim certain qualification and experience will know certain things!

This can also be an opportunity. Look there to see what areas of knowledge are calling you to explore. And, one added benefit will aid you on your journey!

Blessed Be!