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Mar 5, 2011

This is the third of the four corners of a spiritual revolution.  And it is one of the more exciting.

There are two points to this third corner, one being that The Divine is approachable, and the other is the basic fact that The Divine does indeed care about you.  And I feel the need to sum them in a sentence which says that The Divine is not as bad as some people describe The Divine.

And who are these people who go around trying to tell us what The Divine is like?  How can they claim to have so much knowledge when so many of the rest of us, even after years of struggle, are realizing how little we know?  Worse yet are the one who claim such knowledge yet stumble over the basics.

The first corner, which stated that any relationship with The Divne is mutual, gave you personal responsibility.  The second, which stated that things can be made to happen, gave you authority to go with that responsibility.  This one, which contains the twin messages of The Divine being accessible and The Divine genuinely caring about you, gives you access!  

Combine this with some of the other basics we've covered, and you've got the basis for something wonderful!   And some real power to bring it about, too!

Blessed Be!