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Mar 21, 2009

At Ostara, there is a story.  Ostara, Easter, Spring Equinox, whatever name you give it, there is a story that gets told.

A story you've heard before, or is it?  If you hear the story from another path, can you recognize it for what it is?  And if groups of people who probably had little idea (if any) of each others' existence come up with the same lore, should we take time and ask why this would happen?

It might well be that the slightly-different stories have a truth in common.

And here is a message at Ostara that some folks miss.  Does it occur to anyone that if another path has the same lore as yours, that means that the paths corroborate each other.  Neither one is an adaptation of the other, but they share the same truth!

Something that I pointed out when remembering Tempest Smith is appropriate to mention again.  In one path, there is a writing in which someone said that he had "sheep which are not of this fold," but he did not say how many other sheep or how many other folds.  And if two paths share a truth, then their respective followers will do well to share respect with each other. 

But in this case, the shared truth means something even bigger than that!

Blessed Be!

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