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Mar 7, 2009

Barrier Busting!

We all face barriers.  There are enough of them in our mundane lives, but on out spiritual paths, they can be formidable.  And they need to be dealt with, one way or another.  Some of them were put up for you by other people (or circumstance), and others are barriers you put up for yourself.

There are two kinds of barriers which we all have to address.  The first kind of barrier is the kind that's there for a good reason.  One example would be the things you don't do because of vows you've taken.  Another example might be things you don't do because you feel it's more risk than it's worth. 

But there is another kind of barrier, and that is the barrier which keeps you from something which you want or need.  Prejudices can be the basis of this kind of barrier, but they are not the only way these barriers come to be.  Sometimes fear can bring about an unnecessary barrier, such as a person who refuses to fly in an airplane. 

And a useful role of discernment is to help you know the difference.

And in this, there is another key which can open doors.

Blessed Be!

fifteen and a half years ago

It\'s always nice to hear a speaker who says what\'s on their mind without stooping to insulting others. Aidan says many things that I have always thought to myself. Keep up the good work. Blessed be.