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Mar 8, 2008

It's time for a Wonder Check.

We've all been faced with reality checks - let's take time for a wonder check.  A reality check is something we know - it's when the needle of reality pops the bubble of some image in our mind.  What about a wonder check?  A wonder check is when we get to see that something that has caused us to wonder actually is a wonder - and worth wondering about!

A reality check brings us face-to-face with illusions and points out the fact that they are illusions.  A wonder check does the absolute opposite.  A wonder check lets us remember to grasp the greatness of something before we get so busy with the details that we forget.

The Divine is a great subject for a wonder check - so many people put limits on the Divine.  And how would it even be possible to limit the infinite?  That's the double problem.  One part of the problem is remembering the infinite nature of the Divine.  The other part is the fact that some folks actually try to force the Divine into their own pre-conceived notions of what the Divine is supposed to be like.

There are some wonderful implications here, too.

So, let's explore a wonder check!

Blessed Be!

sixteen and a half years ago

I have been a faithful listener since the very beginning of your podcast and I just had to write a note and tell you how much comfort each of your podcasts brings. Thank you so much for all your work. Bright Blessings to you and your Lady. I have been sending peaceful thoughts to your friend.

Aidan Odinson
sixteen and a half years ago

Thanks to all!

He is not \"out of the woods\" yet by a long shot, and he has not even regained consciousness. But he has become responsive - you can see him respond to what he hears. I said a special prayer for him, and let him know how many people were praying for him. And I had no idea how many that was going to turn out to be!

I don\'t think that I can take much of the credit for what goes on here. Someone is certainly prodding me, though.

Blessed Be!
Aidan Odinson