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May 13, 2017

You may have noticed lately the collection of "alternative facts" which some politicians are using in place of actual history.  While claims made by politicians about historical figures can muddle up our mundane lives, similar claims can have an even worse effect in our spiritual lives.  

It can be said that at the heart of any legend is a kernel of truth.  And, it is amazing how much archaeology has done to show legends and revered writings to be accurate history.  And, the internet makes more available in the way of documentation and distance exploration than has ever existed!  This means that most people will be able to read literature of history and/or legends, experience the places where they happened, and also have a more fulfilling spiritual experience.  

While many people have been exposed to Biblical Archaeology, other traditions have their ancient times and their tales, writings, sites and ways waiting to be explored and learned.  Heorot, the mead-hall made famous in the tale of Beowulf, for instance, has been located.  The Celtic lands have many sites, and more waiting discovery.  I could go on and on.

The result will not only help your journey, but it will also put your spiritual feet on firmer ground due to your adding knowledge to experience!

Blessed Be!