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May 25, 2015

Memorial Day is the day set aside in the United States to honor those who died in service to their country. Those still in active service have Armed Forces Day, and those who have fought and are still living have Veterans' Day. I do not believe it wrong to include deceased veterans among the honored on Memorial Day, but the basic fact is that Memorial Day is the day to remember those who served their country and have died.

I am old enough to have friends, including a close friend, among those honored on Memorial Day. Ironic, too, in that he was chosen for a program that my glasses kept me out of, and he died flying a helicopter in Vietnam. He and I both stepped forward. He got chosen to be an Army chopper pilot, and I got chosen to do something else in the Air Force. I could name others, but this one was special.

And this is a good time to give thanks for those men and women and what they gave for us. Enjoy the picnic, the barbecue or the ball game. But remember who made them possible!

Blessed Be!