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May 22, 2010

Please don't read the title and assume that I've suddely become a fluff-bunny or a Pollyanna.  No, I am seriously in the market for some real miracles.  And if they do come, it'll seem like daily miracles, so why not call it that?

Some of you probably have what you might call spiritual wish-lists, and I'll admit to mine.  I have some definite wishes that are on my mind, and some of them would amount to miracles.  And, I can think of a few miracles I've already enjoyed.

What do I mean by a miracle?  Well, there are some definitions, but I'll offer you my working definition.

I also notice that certain people seem more likely to have miracles happen to them than others.  Why is this?  Let's see what they have in common!

And it can indeed be!

Blessed Be!