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May 8, 2010

Yes, it is an art.  And you are probably already doing it, although you might not know it, and some don't like to admit it. 

And, it can happen for all of the right reasons.  In spiritual paths like many of ours, there isn't a lot of structure, and so therefore it might be a challenge to maintain balance.  Even the major "establishment" religions have this problem, and they have more controls.  Yet we keep hearing of churches where there seems to be so much emphasis on Lent and giving, and it's almost as if they try to have Lent without Easter - but then again, what path does not have folks with such a problem? 

If you come from another path, what if there was something which that path offered which really worked for you?  Can you borrow that?

And what if you see something and you can tell that it will indeed work for you.  What can you do?

There's a way, and often there's a very good reason why you should do so.  And on the way to that reason, I'll warn you about a disease that has been known to decimate religious and political groups.  You'll see what I mean.

Blessed Be!