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Nov 16, 2019

I've been away for a while, and it has been a difficult journey. But, I am back, and I'm ready to be back. What I went through will certainly contribute to the content of future episodes, but for this one I'm going to talk about the difficult journey itself, so you'll know what happened and you'll have some idea of what happened and what it might come to mean. I know that it has been more than a year since my last podcast, but many have asked when I'll be back.

Lady Stormy was my wife, life partner and High Priestess beginning in 2000 until she died on December 24, 2019. Yes, Christmas Eve. There was so much more that I wish we could have done together. And that was just the beginning. Six months later, almost to the day, I had my own medical issues which led me to an ambulance ride, Emergency Room, and Intensive care, followed by a long time in a so-called "skilled norsing facility". Except for a few minutes, I never got to see my house again. My son packed up what he thought I might need, I found a lawyer to adle the sale of the house, and my son found me a place to live in Eugene, Oregon - the very town I left to begin my life with Lady Stormy. Thankfully, my dog Veronica is with me. That's not all, but that's plenty.

And so it's time to resume and also build.

Blessed Be!