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Nov 20, 2010

What is vital but insignificant, absolutely necessary but it won't stop you if it isn't there, causes all kinds of arguments but makes lots of people shrug their shoulders wondering what the fuss is about?  It's the details of what you use in your own rituals!

It could be the color or style of your robe (or if you have one), the language you use in the ritual the kind of ritual tool you use, whether your robe's hood is up or down, or any number of other things.  Some folks must own some impressive teapots for the tempests they can raise in them!  And the funny thing is, the obvious question which might settle such controversies is almost never asked!  And that question, and its answer, could make the controversy a fairly moot issue.

It might be a tempest in a teapot, but it is also something you do need to consider.  After all, it is your spiritual life we're talking about.  If something can make your spiritual life more powerful, it's worth considering.  But then remember, it's your spiritual life and nobody else's.   These people who raise a stink about how you handle your spiritual business might do well to mind their own a little better.

There are some good places to look to learn what has been shown to work over the course of time.  And, there is one more dimension to that which refuses to be ignored - your own discovery.

Pursue it, and you can really have something wonderful!

Blessed Be!