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Nov 26, 2011

Let's look again at what we talked about last week, but let's see it this time in terms of our own magickal abilities.  In all versions of the Kaballah/Caballah/Qaballah and its parellels from the same time period, everything began with the mind of The Creator.  And from there, as The Creator evolved in thought from "I am" to "I am that" to "I am that I am", we progress to the point of the creation stories most of us have been told since our own infancy.

Now, there are those who would say that the beginning of the beginning being in the mind of The Creator, then perhaps all is thought and we might need to re-evaluate our concept of what reality is.  However, I do know that if I am hammering a nail and the hammer hits my thumb instead of the nail, the pain is sufficiently real for my immediate purposes.  And therefore I consider such arguments about the physicality of reality to be pretty much moot as far as our current existence and what we need to do about it is concerned.

Nevertheless, it allows us to discover (once again, for many of us) the most important magickal tool we have.  Or for that matter, our most important tool of any sort.  It's what the Witch's Pyramid is there for us.  The Creator has a mind which was used to bring about reality, and each of us has a mind.  Athames, robes, wands, chalices, candles, and all the rest help to focus and direct, but our mind is not only the only tool necessary, but the tool which all of the other tools need in order for them to have any actual purpose.

And so let's look at this and see what we find.

Blessed Be!