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Nov 29, 2014

Unless you are living under a better rock than the one I have, there is something going on in the world that has you feeling frustrated. I "pick on" Ferguson MO because I lived near there in the third quarter of the previous century, and the problems I saw festering then are still there, accompanied by the same useless rhetoric. But don't worry, between endless wars, religious persecutions, veterans more shunned by former neighbors than they were by the enemy, and so forth, there has to be an issue that has you frustrated. That is, unless your address is somewhere in Pollyanna-Land.

This isn't political; this is dealing with the world we live in. More to the point, it is confronting the world we live in. And if we do not confront the world, it will confront us!

So, what can we do, as magickal folk, to confront the world that is making us so frustrated?

Blessed Be!