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Nov 5, 2016

I keep saying that your spiritual path is your business, as is your spiritual growth and learning.  The problem is that on the way to enlightenment, so many of us are confronted by what seems to be an army of nitpickers and self-appointed prophets as well as actual teachers and mentors to the point that it can be overwhelming.  And many of them will try to convince you that your way is wrong.  If that is what they claim, then they are wrong.  And that is one of the few times when I'll say that someone's way is wrong - if they say that your way is wrong because it's not theirs.

In choosing a teacher or mentor, there are certain factors to consider.  There are also certain things to look for that will show you how much of a teacher that teacher really is.

But above all else, it's your spiritual path.  Also bear in mind that we're dealing with the infinite, so nobody knows everything about anything, and only The Divine has any chance of having all of the answers!

Blessed Be!