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Nov 6, 2010

Pay attention to what's in this episode, and you'll set yourself apart from the crowd.  You'll become one of the folks who are able to get their resolutions to actually work.

At Samhain, a lot of us made resolutions.  And, most assuredly, at the moment we made them we were doubtlessly feeling sincere.  But we all need to admit that some of us have a history concerning resolutions.  In my case, I resolved to quit smoking more years than some of you have celebrated birthdays!  It's true that I have not smoked in three years (as of this month), but before then were years in which I kept on quitting and then I'd quit quitting and then I'd try to quit again....

Think of a resolution as a journey, with the starting point being where you are now and where you want to be as the intended destination.  How do you start the journey?  How do you know when the journey is complete?  How do you know where you are on the journey?

And there is one secret that is not very secret, but it is the secret as to why resolutions work well for some, while others fail so often that they joke about it.  And that one secret is so simple and so basic - yet some are surprised by it.

Take that to heart and use it, and you can't miss!

Blessed Be!


Blessed Be!