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Nov 10, 2007

November 11th is Veterans' Day in the United States.  In many other countries, there is a day set aside for honoring veterans.  And every country has veterans - those men and women who put on a uniform to serve their country.

They put certain aspects of their lives "on hold" for a while.  Perhaps it was for two years, perhaps it might have been for as much as thirty years.  And now, they have taken off their uniforms and become veterans.

I, Aidan Odinson, am a veteran.  So are several others that I know.  And I have a few things to say.

I have listened to Veterans' Day speeches my entire life.  This time I make one, and I make one from the viewpoint of someone who has experience as a veteran.  Don't expect flowery words.

Do expect to be reminded of the Threefold Law, because I find an implication of it in every celebration of Veterans' Day that I see.  You'll see what I mean.